Saturday, July 3, 2010



Annie: 7
Melody: 7

We had a fun girl's night out at Bravos! in Edmond. Our food outings are usually lunches, but this time we took our daughters out with us. Melody's daughter is a huge fan of Italian food, specifically chicken parmigan, so it was either Zio's, Spaghetti Warehouse, or Bravos and since we had not tried Bravos! that was our choice.

We were served bread and flavored olive oil upon arrival. It was warm and the oil was very flavorful. I always enjoy the balsamic vinegar served at most italian eateries, but this was a nice change.

Our main entrees came pretty quickly. I had tortellini, as did Melody... Amanda had pizza with chicken and bacon and Megan had her favorite, chicken parmigan. Melody and I both thought our dinners were pretty good, very creamy and good cheese spinach filling in the tortellini. Amanda's pizza was crispy and flavorful. Megan thought her entree was good but still prefers Zio's to Bravos. Her pasta seemed to lack sauce and she thought it tasted too creamy, not marinara enough.

Dessert! We had lots of dessert. Megan and Melody had the carmelized cheesecake with fresh strawberry. They inhaled it. And loved it!
Amanda and I had a trio of desserts, a berry cake, tiramasu and molten chocolate cake. I liked the tiramasu and Amanda loved her berry cake, but I thought the chocolate cake was eh/eh.

I'd go back. There were other choices on the menu I'd like to try and it was good enough to give it another go.


stella. modern italian cuisine. 1201 N. Walker. OKC

Melody: 2.0
Annie: 3.5

(rating scale is 1 to 10)

I went to Stella with low expectations based on some reviews I had seen online, but decided to give it a fair chance. Melody had higher expectations... The place is pretty. Modern. Nice.
The waiter was nice, maybe a little clumsy.

They brought airy crusty bread that was from a local bakery with a dish of garlic infused olive oil. There were four cloves of garlic floating in the evoo which I ate quickly. Love garlic!

I ordered the risotto. It was made with asparagus and spinach. It was $12. It tasted similar to brocolli cheese casserole with asparagus instead. Not gourmet. Not the creamy goodness I associate with risotto.

Melody ordered pizza with roasted tomatoes, mozz, and basil. It was very crunch and kinda stale in places. I ate two pieces of her pizza. She ate a spoon full of my risotto.

We shared dessert. It was a flourless chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and orange caramel (we had put on side). I didn't try caramel because I hate fruit, but Melody skipped it after a small taste. The cake was pretty good. Not delicious. $8.

I don't plan to go back. I'm sure Melody won't either.

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